How GPS Tracking Technology Helps Mine Fleet Managers 2017

As a mine fleet manager, you are responsible for your fleet’s operations, in hazardous locations, with strict safety requirements.

There are many checks and balances that are vital for the smooth operation of a mining site which a mine fleet manager must address.

However, being in control of a fleet that spreads across a vast amount of territory makes things more than difficult.

Not to mention the day to day tasks of knowing where vehicles and drivers are, at all times. Being constantly aware of available driving hours and ensuring drivers don’t exceed these, and keeping on top of the maintenance’s due on all mining vehicle and equipment.

Not to fear, GPS tracking technology can provide you with a complete fleet management solution that addresses these challenges.

Help your mine perform at its best by integrating the tools to improve production and reduce wasted time.

What can you track on a mining site?

GPS Tracking can be installed in company cars, fitters’ utilities, heavy equipment, crew buses, trucks, courier vans and stationary at depots.

Having these assets tracked provides readily available information on vehicle location and mileage for maintenance, usage and productivity purposes.

1. Fleet Visibility
Fleet visibility is an essential element in mining operations. Using Satellite Tracking you can see where your vehicle is even in remote areas with no phone coverage.

For example, vehicles are colour coded by their status i.e. green moving, blue stopped, red speeding.

Benefits of fleet visibility for a mine site:

Having complete visibility of your fleet you can improve your haul cycle and see when your vehicles enter an exclusion, these tools can give you real-time awareness and control of your mining equipment.

2. Reduce fuel consumption and emissions
GPS tracking technology can measure the exact fuel burnt of all your vehicles and equipment resulting in a more efficient driving style.

Managers are alerted to inefficient driver behaviour such as excessive idle, RPM and harsh braking, and can provide live feedback to drivers on their performance, to reduce fuel burn and overall carbon footprint

3. Increase asset utilisation
GPS tracking technology gives you a range of utilisation reports with important information such errors, odometer readings, the exact times your vehicles have spent loaded vs unloaded, waiting at a queue, stopped, refuelling and cycle times.

With this important information, you can compare overall utilisation rates in your fleet and dispatch with confidence to optimise your operations.

Integrating GPS tracking technology into your mining operations will give you a complete solution for your fleet management.

If you are interested in implementing GPS tracking technology into your business process, please contact MyFleet on 1300 836 149 or, as we would love to do a demonstration for you.